Thank you for visiting Pink Trillium Photography. I am so excited to get to know you better and learn the details of your wedding! I
wish we had the opportunity to meet in person but since we don't I would like to explain exactly what it is you will be getting if you decide Pink Trillium Photography is a good fit for your day! I carry two Sony camera's with me at all times, an external flash,extra batteries and chargers, reflector, tripod, four lenses including a 50mm 1.4 for an extremely sharp photo, a wide angle, and a telephoto lens. I am often at the scheduled meeting place BEFORE the bride arrives. But beyond what is in my bag I think the more important question to ask potential photographers is what happens after the wedding! I open and fully edit every single image created. Usually spending on average 60 hours editing after the wedding. I start editing immediately after the wedding and provide a "live edit" as I go! As a professional wedding photographer I feel it is very important to  have the capabilities to edit in Photoshop, not just Lightroom. In addition to Photoshop I use plug-in software and actions to further enhance images. Let me show you a few examples as to why.....

This gentleman was not just taking a photo, he was recording the ceremony. As the photographer I had two choices, be respectful of the guest and Photoshop him out of the photo after the wedding or step in front of him to get the shot. Obviously spending a half hour to Photoshop him out was better than stepping in front of him or missing the mother giving her beautiful daughter away!

When taking posed shots I generally take five identical shots and provide the best, but in this case it being as cold as it was I did not want to freeze the bride so I relied on my photoshopping abilities to save this great photo for them. 

My theory is to keep images looking as natural as possible and bring the focus back on one's natural beauty.
 I do have the ability to cover up anything one may consider a flaw 100% but I like to simply soften blemishes or wrinkles to maintain as natural of a look as possible! Further editing will happily be done upon request!

This person required no photoshopping, but the way she was leaning against the tree was unflattering. I take the time pay attention to even the smallest of details and draw the focus back to the beautiful portrait.

The eyes are transformed easily to simply captivating with great lighting and just a little sharpening. This is a little trick I feel needs to be used sparingly, a little goes a long way and I have seen it overdone too frequently!

Beyond the little touch up's there are endless editing styles to provide a the perfect special effect for you portraits. My favorite tend to be a soft warm glow

but some prefer the cool styles.....

I would love to know what styles you prefer so I can create images tailored to your style!

Lastly, I love the extra little touches! One of my favorite things to incorporate into is a silhouette taken from a favorite image. The silhouettes have been used as album covers, cd case covers, thank you cards, save the date cards, stickers to enclose wedding favors.... the options are limitless!

Let's see what we can design for you!

Being entrusted with dreams and memories is a huge honor for me. Thank YOU for that!